ELON-8000X explosion-proof detection control system

ELON-8000X explosion-proof detection control system

ELON-8000X explosion-proof detection and control system is designed by Chongqing Chuanyi high-tech Co., Ltd. It satisfy special circumstances and requirements on high-risk explosive places and industries like chemical, oil, power plants, military industry ,etc. meeting the international standards.

In the danger zone the intrinsically safe explosion-proof safety barrier not only can use ELON-8000X ET series products of our company which is of explosion-proof safety qualification, but can also use other safety barrier products with international standards, so that the system application has a lot of flexibility. Users can build their own explosion control system according to their actual situation .

ELON-8000X system has a lot of user-friendly choice on security explosion-proof system solutions, greatly enhanced its application in the field of safe explosion-proof. And because of the promotion on intrinsically safe field bus CAN-BUS, it can provides a more flexible and reliable solutionon traditional safe explosion-proof system.

LON-8000X can be combined with the controller and configuration functions, the host computer can directly survey the real-time detection of the remote intelligent detection alarm system. This test instrument is with sound, light and vibration alarm function, and can be set to have erasure and latch function according to specific needs, and can obtain the flammable gas concentration only at the host computer. In addition, the detection system can record the historical data through itself or external memory. The staff can obtain the real-time or historical data in the detector through the PC or monitoring instrument, so as to facilitate the query and analysis. When flammable material reach to dangerous level, it can be automatically achieved through the system controller alarm display function, so the system has advantage of strong adaptability, high reliability, and variety usage , it is a preferred system on many of high-risk explosive sites.

ELON-8000M energy metering monitoring management system

ELON-8000M energy metering monitoring system

ELON-8000M energy metering monitoring and management system is designed by Chongqing Chuanyi High-Tech Co., Ltd. It is a new system to meet the international environmental protection standards , based on the international advanced enterprise development experience and China's 21st century sustainable development strategy .

ELON-8000M integrated energy management and management system adhering to the energy management concepts of interrelated, mutual restraint and mutual promotion, aiming to reduce energy consumption and improve energy use efficiency. Through the energy consumption data collection, real-time monitoring of various types of energy, analysis, then it provide energy-saving strategies and equipment control scheme, so as to achieve the purpose of effective energy conservation.

The system uses the HTML5.0 cutting-edge technology and responsive layout framework, not only perfect compatible with different resolution of the computer display device, but also has good performance on Android mobile terminal and IOS mobile terminal, you can flexibly set the text template and Type, through the analysis of the response, to make equipment scheduling and control plan operation, even if it is not a smart phone, can also complete the system remote control.

Energy management and analysis software in the ELON-8000M system, can help make real-time acquisition and dynamic monitoring on various energy sources (like electricity, water, natural gas, steam, compressed air, industrial nitrogen, oil, coal, etc.) with functions like consumption analysis, cost accounting, performance appraisal and report release, The enterprises can realize energy meticulous management, promote energy saving, improvement economic efficiency, protect the environment. Thus we hope make contribute to China's sustainable development.

ELON-8000 automatic integrated control system

ELON-8000 automated integrated control system

ELON-8000 automated integrated control system based on CAN communication protocol from Chongqing Chuanyi High-tech Co., Ltd. they are developed lately for real-time detection and control in intelligent distributed Field Bus measurement and control system. It can meet the various requirements of measurement and control in production processes. It can achieve data collection in continuous, batch or mixed processes and realize a variety of measurement and control functions including regulation, logic control, sequential control. To meet the needs of different users various small , medium and large types of measurement and control system can be formed flexibly.

The configuration, programming, debugging and maintenance of The ELON-8000 automation integrated control system should realized by configuring the software and simple operation. So the ELON-8000 can monitor and operate the production process. It can reach optimization of the production process and integrated information management of the entire enterprise through the LAN system. So it is the preferred products in various industry for data collection and communication, production process automation monitoring, integrated information management.

ELON-8000 automation integrated control system is constituted with such as 8000 series I /O measure and control modules, intelligent controller, TPC embedded terminal computer, OES control station, system data station, system operating station, system engineer station, mobile workstation, system network printer, TRACE MODE system configuration / monitoring software, I / O bus, system control network, system information network, Ethernet, network communication media and so on.

ELON-8000 automation integrated control system basic functions: data module collect various analog signals and pulse signals from field instrument output , after conversion and operation, according to the CAN communication protocol ,transfer data to the CAN bus; CAN bus data enters the intelligent controller through The CAN / RS conversion module. The intelligent controller analyzes the incoming data according to the application control program issued by the system operation station, and then outputs the corresponding control information. The control information is transmitted to the CAN bus through the CAN / RS conversion module; on the CAN bus, the corresponding measurement / control modules receives the control information and output the control signal to the field control instrument ,to realize the production process real-time monitoring and auto-control.

ELON-8000G remote data monitoring system

ELON-8000G remote data monitoring system


1.GPRS communication information service

GPRS is a new bearer service developed on the existing GSM system, aiming to provide packetized data services for GSM users. GPRS is always online, billing by data flows, thus providing an efficient, low-cost wireless packet data services.

GPRS is currently a perfect way on mobile communication information service, it is billing by data flows , covering a wide range of data and transmission is faster. GPRS provide a platform for users to carry out wireless office work, and make promotion of mobile information applications and development .

2.The Application of Remote Data Communication in GPRS Data

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of industrial automation level, a new technology which to help field data collection and data remote communication is coming out . GPRS wireless data is developed by modern mobile communication technology ,together with modern computer ,the system can monitor and collect field data in the field like metallurgy, chemical industry, power station, petroleum, machinery, transportation, pharmaceutical, glass, cement, building, granary, environmental protection , natural gas, and so on .

3.Overview of ELON-8000G Remote Data Monitoring System

ELON-8000G remote data monitoring system is developed by Chongqing High-tech Co., Ltd. Used for remote real-time detection of intelligent distributed field bus measurement system. It can meet the needs of  industry data acquisition process. It uses GPRS data remote communication module, to achieve local and remote data wireless communication connection. The local center operator station can monitor the real-time detection data of the remote scene and monitor the dynamic picture through the configuration software, thus realize the remote integrated information management. So it is the preferred products on remote field data collection , communication and integrated information management.